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Discussion Panel Update:

Our discussion panel will feature the topic “The influence of politics on research and research on politics”. This discussion panel will feature the following professors from Acadia:

Andrew Biro – Department of Politics – Panelist

Anne Quema – Department of English – Panelist

Anna Redden – Department of Biology – Panelist

James Brittain – Department of Sociology – Panelist

Anne Kiefte – Department of Physics – Moderator

We are looking forward to hearing the panelist’s thoughts and discussion as well as questions from our audience. We hope to see you there for this new addition to the Acadia Student Research and Innovation Conference.

Need help using the statistical program R?

Or just interested in learning more about it? On behalf of the R-Bar Team:

The r-bar scientific programming study group fall session continues this week!

This week, we will continue with general, community-based help. Drop in with your R and RStudio (and GIS and data wrangling and visualization) problem(s) and get some help! No guarantees, but chances are you’ll come away with a new thought or two.

r-bar is open to everyone. Students are encouraged to participate. No prior knowledge required.

When: Friday, 30 Sept 2016, 2-4 PM

Where: UClub (little blue building behind Huggins)

Who: Hosted by the r-bar team

Jump over to our website for more (or less) information:
(Note the website has been suffering from firewall issues…working on it!)


r-bar team

Great start to the week!

Thanks to all who came out this morning for the breakfast, presentation, tour, etc. It was really great talking to you and hearing your aspirations and goals for your time here at Acadia!

Tomorrow we will be heading to the free lunch @ U-Club (12:00). Yum yum. From 5-7 we’re going to dine at the Farmers’ Market downtown Wolfville, followed by some board games at the KCIC. If you’d like to walk down to the Farmers’ Market with us then meet us at the BAC around 4:50. If not then we hope to run into you there!

Friday we will be meeting at the U-Club for relaxation and drinks (if you wish) from 4-7PM.

Saturday’s bus tour will be hosted by our AGS Event Officers: Hope, Jocelyne and Steph! Come out for a day of valley views, wine tasting (optional), free picnic lunch, and good conversation!

As always, feel free to get in touch with us with any questions, event suggestions, comments, or just to chat!

Due to the weather forecast, the bonfire will be postponed to later date. HOWEVER, we will be hosting a movie night in Huggins 336 (GEO/ENVS department floor) 7-10PM with LOTS of snacks. Bring a friend – all are welcome!

Looking for People Interested in Joining Our 2016/2017 Executive



Hey everyone! We are looking for people interested in helping out with the AGS next year. It’s a great way to meet new people, build your resume, gain leadership skills, have your voice as graduate student heard, and get involved with Acadia University. There are various positions (listed below) to act as, or you can just jump in and help with specific events we host (such as the student research  conference, welcome week, etc). Want to attend our next meeting and see what we’re all about? Get in touch with our current AGS President, Amanda Loder, for questions and to sit in on a meeting with us.

Available positions include:

AGS president:

-represent and advocate for graduate students in the Acadia University Senate and ASU’s Students’ Representative Council

-act as the AGS representative and liaison to the Department of Research and Graduate Studies

-coordinate the AGS executive

-plan and run Graduate Student Orientation Week events with assistance from the outgoing AGS President and other AGS executives

Note: AGS president is considered for an honourarium at the end of each semester 

Finance Officer:

-oversee the administration of the AGS budget

-keep records of all AGS property

Events Officer:

-Coordinate AGS events for graduate students with assistance from other AGS executives

-Coordinate the Acadia Research Conference with assistance from other AGS executives 

Communications Officer:

-publicize AGS events using social media, email, blogs, and posters

-record meeting minutes

Faculty Representatives (1 each from Arts, Science, Professional Studies and Theology):

-act as the AGS liaisons to their respective departments

-sit on the senate graduate studies committee

-advertise AGS events and engage graduate students in their respective faculties

-assist in organizing and running AGS events

Outgoing president and executive will provide ample training for incoming executive. If you have any interest, or would like more information, please email If you have any feedback or comments on this year’s research conference, we’d love to hear it!

Want to learn more about mental health from a scientific perspective?

Science Daily provides great summaries of Mind and Brain news related to symptoms and disorders with links to the articles behind the research! One in 5 Canadians will endure a mental disorder at some point in their lives – it’s good to be informed!

For more information on mental health visit the Canadian Mental Health Association website. If you want to speak to someone regarding mental health there are resources here on campus! Visit the Student Resource Centre page at for contact information, information on mental health screening, information on peer support groups and much more!



Register for FREE Mitacs Workshops Today!

“Mitacs Step offers professional development workshops for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, giving you the workplace-ready skills required by today’s employers. Each year, thousands participate in Step workshops to augment their university learning” Mitacs Step Homepage

Two workshops are open now and are FREE for Graduate Students, they include:

For more information click here.
Speaking from experience these workshops are fantastic opportunities to learn skills that can make a real difference in your current degree, future degree or career!