Sept. 29-Oct. 5: Weekly Events for Acadia Graduate Students

Greetings Acadia Graduate Students!

This is your President speaking! (Ha. this never gets old!) I finally
have permission and access to email you all, and I promise I will not
bombard your inbox more than once a week – always on Mondays so you
know what’s what each week!

If you want to get more active updates, just favourite our website:
(It’s our official-unofficial-official blog)

So – what’s up this week? Well we have two FANTASTIC EVENTS SET UP!

Thursday Oct. 2 – TGIT at the U-Club from 7-9 pm
Come out and meet your 2014-2015 AGSA Executive!!
Details: $1 drink specials; confetti; piñata; inspiring speeches;
andgive-aways galore!!!

*Every Thursday evening is TGIT at the U-Club for Graduate Students at
Acadia.  No need for a membership – though you get some great perks if
you do buy one! Every Thursday will have a theme or live music – this
week is Election Week, next week is Harvest, etc. Stay tuned and we
hope to see you out at the little blue house on Thursdays!

Friday Oct. 3 – Mature Student Potluck at Wong International Centre
(on Campus)
6 – 9 pm
An opportunity to meet other more ‘mature’ students at Acadia, and
meet all the ‘mature’ international students! The theme for the dishes
to bring is a ‘Food From Home’ (Like your home Country…) Or perhaps
cultural background for all of us Canadians!

If you happen to live on campus without access to a kitchen, or you
want to cook in community, the Wong International Centre is offering
you it’s kitchen from 2 – 6 pm on Friday to cook your dish. Then at 6
pm we will all gather for an international potluck feast! Looking
forward to seeing you there and tasting food from all over the world!

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to get in
contact with me!


Looking for something FUN to do this weekend? Deep Roots Music Festival!!!


The Deep Roots Festival takes over Wolfville from September 26th-28th. In the spirit of the weekend, U-Club is hosting a special extended TGIF on Friday, September 26th(open to members and non-members).  As usual, the bar opens at 4pm, and starting at 6pm, they will be hosting an Open Mic.  It will kick-off with a set from the U-Club’s new house band, Painted Raven, who will stick around to support any performers that want a band behind them.  And, they are expecting special guests, Cooper’s Monkeys, to drop in for a song or a set.

In addition to regular TGIF munchies, Chef Paul is offering up his “Beef-on-A-Bun” special – not to be missed.  $8/members, $10/non-members, while they last (starting ~6 pm). MORE FOOD INCLUDED IN THAT PRICE – and ALL YOU CAN EAT!!!  They will have ample amounts of Planters Pale Ale on tap, from Sea Level Brewing.

See you at the “Little Blue House behind Huggins”!

TGIT @ the U-Club

AGSA and the U-Club have developed a new partnership offering TGIT at the U-Club this year! So what does this mean? It means that regardless if you (as a graduate student) purchased a membership to the U-Club, you are always invited, every THURSDAY evening for drinks and snacks from 7-9 pm (or longer… your choice!). 

Some Thursdays will have special themes, like our upcoming PUMPKIN U-CLUB night! Just in time for Thanksgiving, things will be all pumpkin related, included snacks and drinks!

Sometimes we will have live music, sometimes we will have ridiculous themes, but the goal is to bring out all those isolated graduate students from all departments, and work on building a community at our very own little spot on campus (which has a fully stocked bar!).

You are not required to drink, you can come out and snack on the free food brought to you by AGSA, and chat away, complain away about research issues, or just chill out and enjoy having interdisciplinary conversations! If you are a frequent Trivia player at Paddy’s this is a great spot to warm up and build your team!!

Hope to see you all there!

AGSA Office Hours

Hi Acadia Grad Students!

As your President, I am required to be available to all Grad Students for 3 hours per week in the AGSA office (located in the Old SUB building, off of Student Services).

You can expect to find me in the AGSA office on Thursday Mornings, from 8:30 am – 11:30 am. (I often have my dog Oakley with me too – so come get some pet loving!)

*Should I get sick, have a meeting conflict, or anything is changed regarding my hours, I will post it on the door of the AGSA office, and I will also update this website!

I also plan on hosting a few of those hours in Horton Hall, near Theresa Starratt’s office as well.  I will always post and make a note if I am not going to be in the normal AGSA office – so don’t worry!

I’d love for you stop by for a tea or coffee and let me know how the semester is shaping up! Of course, if you have any concerns I am here to help, but I also look forward to hearing what you guys want AGSA to do for you this year!

Remember: If you need me sooner, you can always contact me at

And as always, if you want to get involved in AGSA – please get in touch!

– Lyndsay