Thank you and Congratulations!

Thank you to everyone who supported our conference Friday and Saturday: The Dean of Research and Graduate Studies, The Office of the President, ASU, all judicators and professors that provided support to us, the KCIC for hosting us, anyone who helped spread the word, and of course our student speakers! The talks were all very information, well articulated and exemplified the dedication to student research that occurs at Acadia University. Congratulations to Morgan Brown for earning The Dean of Research and Graduate Studies Award for best Master’s student speaker, Mercedes Peters for earning The Office of the President’s Award for best Honours student speaker, and Davita DesRoches for receiving the Student’s Choice Award! Stay tuned for further recaps on our 3rd Annual Student Research Conference, hosted by your AGS executive!

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Your AGS pictured above: (left to right) Emily Chase, Krista Kroeninger, Sara Klapstein, Amanda Loder, and Christine Anderson. Thanks to Laura Logan-Chesney for taking our picture 🙂

Wonder What Time Your Talk Is? See Our Schedule Below!

Pamphlets will be provided with the following information at the conference.


1:30-2:00    Registration at the KCIC

2:00-2:15    Opening remarks from David MacKinnon


2:15-2:30  Luke Edgar- Anti-inflammatory Mechanism of Relaxin-2 and 3 Neuroprotection on Oxygen and Glucose Deprived Brain Tissue

2:30-2:45  Matthew English- Winter Diet And Body Condition Of American Black Ducks In Atlantic Canada

2:45-3:00   Cameron Brown- ‘The Wire’: A Pedagogical Bridge to Political-Economy?

3:00-3:15   Erika Holland- Dietary Analysis of Anthropogenic Debris in Digestive Tract Contents of Canadian Freshwater Birds

3:15-3:30  Suleiman Semalulu- Attitudes Towards Performance-Enhancing Drugs in Academics: The Use of Cognitive Enhancers

3:30-3:45  Leah Bennett- Synthesis and Characterization of Ruthenium and Osium Polypyridyl Coordination Complexes used as Photosensitizers for Photodynamic Therapy

BREAK (3:45-4:00PM)


4:00-4:15  Sonya Ardley- Investigating the Effluent of a Local Food Processing Facility

4:15-4:30  Adam Godfrey- A paleolimnological assessment of the impact of past anthropogenic disturbance on water quality and metal chemistry on the Avon River, Nova Scotia

4:30-4:45  Ryan d’Eon- Canadian Censors during the Second World War

4:45-5:00 Stephanie White- Effects of lighting and fencing on mammal movement through newly constructed terrestrial and aquatic wildlife underpasses in Antigonish, Nova Scotia

5:00-5:15   Jessica Bundy- Community Perceptions of the Police: African Nova Scotian Experience in Digby

5:15-5:30  Brandon Landry- Marine Fungal Biodiversity of Kingsport, Nova Scotia Seawater



8:15-8:45    Refreshments at the KCIC


8:45-9:00    Amanda Loder- Understanding Constructed Wetland Senescence to Sustain Wildlife Habitat in the Cumberland Marsh

9:00-9:15    Julia McCain- Synthesis and Characterization of Cyclometalated Ruthenium(II) Complexes for Applications in Photoactivated Cancer Therapy

9:15-9:30   Robert Pantalone- Good night, Malaysia Three-seven-zero: Understanding Expert Knowledge in the Absence of Evidence

9:30-9:45    Lauren Murray- The Loss of Independence: the Changing Nature of the Agency of the Early Christian Ascetic Women

9:45-10:00   Elise Snow-Kropla- The Crass Ceiling: Female Comedians and an Analysis of Sexism Within Stand-Up Comedy

BREAK (10:00-10:15AM)


10:15-10:30  Laura Logan-Chesney- Atlantic sturgeon breaching behaviour in Minas Basin, inner Bay of Fundy, Canada

10:30-10:45  Mercedes Peters- A Respectable Solution to the Indian Problem: Canadian Genocidal Intent, Non-Physical Conceptions of Destruction and Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq 1867-1970

10:45-11:00  Jenna Colclough- Examining Ptolemaic and Roman period approaches to funerary artwork

11:00-11:15   Chelsea Penney- Is Maternal or Zygotic Environment More Important in Determining Offspring Phenotype?

11:15-11:30  Rebecca Wilson- Zeus and Xenia in Shelley’s Frankenstein

(11:30AM-1:00PM) Lunch and Keynote Speaker


1:00-1:15  Davita DesRoches- Weaving Fantastic Garlands: Graphing Networks of Meaning in Charlotte Smith’s Elegiac Sonnets

1:15-1:30  Emily Chase- An Examination of Virus Infected Strawberry Plants

1:30-1:45  Norah Bonsteel- An Intimate Charm: A History of National Park Creation in England and Wales

1:45-2:00 Dewey Dunnington-

2:00-2:15  Kody Crowell- Validating Tidal Models in the Bay of Fundy using Surface Drifters

2:15-2:30  Eileen Haskett- Use of mesocosms to test the effects of changing suspended sediment concentration on Corophium volutator, Pygospio elegans, and Chaetozone setosa

BREAK (2:30-2:45PM)


2:45-3:00   J. Morgan Brown- Adult and hatch-year blackpoll warblers exhibit radically different regional-scale movements during post-fledging

3:00-3:15  Alice Lacaze-Masmonteil- Cordial Labeling of Closed Chains of Cycles

3:15-3:30  Carlie Visser- Elizabeth Gurley Flynn: Radical Intellectual of the Working Class

 3:30-3:45  Christine Anderson- Herring Gulls: Population Scale Patterns of Movement and Habitat Use

3:45-4:00  Wayne Johnston- Cultural Evolution and Roman Expansion

4:00-4:15  Robin Dornan- Amphibian conservation monitoring using passive integrated transponder tags





The Axe Social Event – All Welcome! Feb 27th @ 8:00pm


After the conference why not join us at the Axe to celebrate student research? There will be music and some great drink specials going on! All are welcome – bring some friends or family. Faculty are encouraged to attend so why not ask your supervisors to join too! If you couldn’t make any of the conference talks but still want to join us feel free to do so!

Awards will be handed out during this time.

See you at 8:00pm @ The Axe Lounge!

Open Acadia Presents: The Brown Bag Lunch Series

Every Thursday at noon in Room 242 of Seminary House the Brown Bag Lunch Series seeks to discuss and present interesting topics for students and town residents alike. Come out and enjoy talks on nutrition, mental health, social media, at risk species, and much more. See their webpage for the winter sessions’ full details and scheduling!

Don’t forget to visit the Town of Wolfville’s Facebook page for local events and information.



Axe Lounge Renovations!

Voting yes to the Axe Lounge Renovations when you vote in the ASU general election means saying yes to improving the Axe Lounge and improving accessibility in the Student Union Building (i.e. certain spots of the SUB, such as safety and security, are not accessible for persons with disability). Vote on February 8th and 9th.

Question on ballot: Do you support the creation of a Renovation & Accessibility Fee in order to fund a renovation to the Axe Lounge and, subsequently, to enhance accessibility projects within the ASU Students’ Centre:

1) The Fee would be a mandatory annual fee, applying to all full-time registered students;
2) The Fee would be: a. $15 per semester ($30 per year) for Years 1-5; b. $25 per semester ($50 per year) after Year 5;
3) Any funds collected as part of this fee shall be used solely for the purposes outlined above.

Check out the floor plan and mock up below:

The Axe 2015.11.10 (1)

15037 - A110 - rev 2 - PROPOSED FURNITURE PLAN (1)

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