Need help using the statistical program R?

Or just interested in learning more about it? On behalf of the R-Bar Team:

The r-bar scientific programming study group fall session continues this week!

This week, we will continue with general, community-based help. Drop in with your R and RStudio (and GIS and data wrangling and visualization) problem(s) and get some help! No guarantees, but chances are you’ll come away with a new thought or two.

r-bar is open to everyone. Students are encouraged to participate. No prior knowledge required.

When: Friday, 30 Sept 2016, 2-4 PM

Where: UClub (little blue building behind Huggins)

Who: Hosted by the r-bar team

Jump over to our website for more (or less) information:
(Note the website has been suffering from firewall issues…working on it!)


r-bar team