AGS Executives 2015-2016



Hometown: Bedford, Nova Scotia
Department: Biology
Research: I am studying productivity trends in constructed wetlands, and how to manage/restore these systems to sustain habitat for wildlife.
What I bring: Energy! My role as Graduate Student Senator/President is to create a warm community within the graduate student population, and represent graduate students on campus. My regular duties include organizing events for graduate students in collaboration with the rest of the AGS executive, and sitting on weekly Student Representative Council meetings and monthly Senate meetings.
Hobbies: Swimming, piano (solo and accompanying music students on campus), biking (+ spin classes!), campus yoga, running on the dikes, reading, skiing, and spending time at my grandmother’s cottage and family’s Newfoundland cabin!
Favourite Foods: Mom’s pumpkin loaf, sweet potato, local fruit
Favourite Books: Prisoner of Tehran and Little Big Lies
Travel Bucket List: Iceland!




Hometown:  New Berlin, Wisconsin

Department: Geology
Research: I am a masters candidate in the Earth and Environmental Science program
What I bring to AGS: I hope this year in AGSA to create a sound sense of community for graduate students, aid in their personal or professional growth, and enhance each student’s overall experience.
Favourite ice cream flavour: Brownie Explosion or Watermelon Sherbert
Hobbies: Snow boarding, hiking, reading science fiction, movies, Jazzercise on campus
Favourite book: The Night Circus or the Hobbit
Favourite plant: Blue Passionflower
Favourite animal: Marmoset
Favourite foods: Sushi and Pad Thai
Favourite Colour: Blue sometimes green
Travel Bucket list: Croatia- Krk, Northern Velebit National Park, Pula, Limski kanal 
Research/Career goals: Become an environmental consultant in California or Oregon



Hometown: Antigonish, Nova Scotia
Department: Environmental Science
Current Research: I am a PhD Candidate through Memorial University working with a CRC professor in the Earth and Environmental Sciences Department at Acadia. Broadly, I study the effect of dissolved organic matter on toxic methylmercury concentrations in freshwater lakes before this mercury enters food webs.
What I bring to the AGS:  This is my second year with AGS. I enjoy planning events and promoting graduate (and undergraduate!) research at Acadia. We have been creating a graduate student community and hope to continue to do so for current and future grad students alike!
Favourite ice cream flavour: Chocolate chip cookie dough
Hobbies: Canoeing, camping, knitting, eating, drinking hot beverages
Favourite book: Outlander series
Favourite plant: Picea mariana
Favourite animal: Puppies
Favourite foods: Cheese (many kinds and many ways)  and dumplings
Favourite Colour: Purple
Travel Bucket list: Nordic/sub-nordic + lots
Research/Career goals: Save the world!



Hometown: Grafton, Nova Scotia

Department: Biology
Research: I use chlorophyll fluorescence and microscopy to assess strawberry plants infected with strawberry viruses! I also assess the impact that other environmental stressors and factors have on plants carrying the viruses.
What I bring to AGS: I enjoy doing digital art projects for the group such as posters and exploring the possibilities of our blog, discussing and planning our events and some good ole positive attitude.
Hobbies: Yoga on campus, digital and traditional arts, strength training/fitness, cooking and gardening
Favourite plants: Weeping willow, red maple, mother of thousands, aloe vera, venus flytrap, thistle bushes, etc.
Favourite animal: Foxes and red pandas!
Favourite foods: Sashimi
Favourite Colour: Purple
Travel Bucket list: Tokyo, Rome, Disneyland
Research/Career goals: Become a botany professor and work with students! I hope to continue working with plant physiology and possibly other areas of botany such as evolution and genetics!


Hometown: Dartmouth/Ottawa
Department: Biology
Current Research: I’m comparing the migration patterns and winter habitat use of 3 populations of Herring Gulls, from the Arctic, Atlantic Canada and the Great Lakes. The birds are tracked using little backpacks which periodically transmit their location back to us through satellites. So far we’ve found that the birds that breed further south tend to stick around the Great Lakes and eastern Atlantic coast. In contrast, the Arctic breeding population does a “leapfrog migration”, passing by the other populations during the migration, and spending their winters in the Gulf of Mexico.
What I bring to the AGS: Science representative on the Graduate Studies Committee. I really enjoy working with AGS to connect students to people outside of their faculty
Research/Career goals: Birds in the arctic! I’m particularly interested in movement and spatial analysis.


Hometown: Dartmouth, NS
Department: Arts
Current Research: I’m currently examining the experiences of female comedians and the struggles they face within the industry due to cultural perceptions that women are not funny. My research is framed by the existing literature that shows that humour is an extension of masculine expression, whereby which is it placed (hierarchically speaking) above feminine humour and expression. My analysis incorporates both qualitative and quantitative components to best explain the unique space within comedy that women occupy.
What I bring to the AGS: As the Arts representative, my goal is to meld the Arts community with the Pure and Applied Science, Professional Studies and Theology faculties to create a more inclusive environment for Acadia’s graduate students to thrive in. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the research within our departments that we forget there are other students out there struggling through the same process! 
Hobbies: Netflix, yoga, cooking, snapchat, exercise, and ordering things online forcing me to walk to my PO box 50 times a week to check for deliveries.
Favourite book: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Favourite plant: I hate all plants equally
Favourite foods: Oatmeal, fruit, and as much chocolate as will fit in my stomach
Travel Bucket list: Croatia, Greece, Thailand, Egypt, South Africa.
Research/Career goals: Finish my thesis, purchase my grad ring, finally hold the degree that my blood, sweat, tears, (and many ciders) went into, and live happily ever after