AGS Executives 2017/2018

Jeremy Jocke

Hometown: Halifax, NS
Department: Mathematics and Statistics
Research/Concentration:  My research focus is on tidal analysis and modelling in the Bay of Fundy with the focus of making tidal energy feasible in the area.
Favourite Place in the Vally:  The Lookoff
Ideal Date: Long walk on the dikes
Walk Out Music: Wild Thing – The Troggs

Carly Morrison
Events Coordinator

Hometown: Wallace, NS
Department: Sociology
Research/Concentration: Rural School Closures
Favourite Place in the Valley: Anywhere that sells NS cider.
Ideal Date: One that starts with meeting my cat. If she doesn’t like you… That’s it.
Walk Out Music: Nellyville – Nelly

Nial Buryk
Communications Officer

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
Department: Social and Political Thought
Research/Concentration:  Radical democratic thought and concepts of work.
Favourite Place in the Vally:  Dabro Farms Market.
Ideal Date:  Cheetos and remorse.
Walk Out Music:  Why Can’t We Be Friends – War.

Leah Hughes
Professional Studies Representative

Hometown: Vancouver
Department: Counselling
Favourite Place in the Vally: Live music at Paddy’s and walks through Reservoir Park
Ideal Date: Watching a live baseball game on a sunny day, drinking a cold beverage and eating a hot dog piled high with toppings.
Walk Out Music: “Sail” by AWOLNATION

Patrick Hergortt
Arts Represntitvie

Hometown: Chilliwack, BC
Department: SPT
Research: Race and Athletic Activism
Favourite Place in the Alley: Blomidon
Ideal Date: Nachos, Ice cream, and nap in any order
Walk out Music: Money Trees – Kendrick Lamar


Science Representative

Hometown: Paris, France
Department: Mathematics and Statistics
Research/Concentration: Graph Theory/ Cops & Robbers
Favourite Place in the Vally: The reservoir.
Ideal Date: All you can eat sushi.
Walk Out Music: Another One Bites the Dust- Queen

Sarah Dunn
Finance Officer

Hometown: Wolfville is my adopted hometown
Department: Geology
Research/Concentration: Fe and P cycling in Ironstones of North Wales
Favourite Place in the Vally: Amethyst Cove
Ideal Date: Good hike with NO cell service, then a good meal
Walk Out Music: We own it – 2 Chainz and Wiz Khalifa