About Us



The Acadia Graduate Students (AGS) is an Internal Organization committed to creating a positive recreational and academic environment for graduate students at Acadia. The AGS is comprised of student faculty representatives from Arts, Science and Professional Studies, Event Officers, a Finance Officer, a Communications Officer and a President who sits on senate.  Members of the AGS also sit on various sub committees. With the support of the ASU, our goal is to connect and build a sense of community among graduate students, while providing sound leadership. We hope to enhance each student’s overall experience, and establish a strong reputation and presence for graduate students on campus.

The AGS’s Mission Statement:

The AGS exists to be a strong and collective voice in the effective advocacy for the development and maintenance of a cohesive graduate student community, now and in the future at Acadia University.

All graduate students are encouraged to get involved! Comments, concerns and suggestions are always welcome.