AGSA Office Hours

Hi Acadia Grad Students!

As your President, I am required to be available to all Grad Students for 3 hours per week in the AGSA office (located in the Old SUB building, off of Student Services).

You can expect to find me in the AGSA office on Thursday Mornings, from 8:30 am – 11:30 am. (I often have my dog Oakley with me too – so come get some pet loving!)

*Should I get sick, have a meeting conflict, or anything is changed regarding my hours, I will post it on the door of the AGSA office, and I will also update this website!

I also plan on hosting a few of those hours in Horton Hall, near Theresa Starratt’s office as well.  I will always post and make a note if I am not going to be in the normal AGSA office – so don’t worry!

I’d love for you stop by for a tea or coffee and let me know how the semester is shaping up! Of course, if you have any concerns I am here to help, but I also look forward to hearing what you guys want AGSA to do for you this year!

Remember: If you need me sooner, you can always contact me at

And as always, if you want to get involved in AGSA – please get in touch!

– Lyndsay



There’s still time to win a Paddy’s card, participate in democracy (sort of)!

It can be difficult being a graduate student at a small, predominantly undergraduate university like Acadia.  While the size and scope of
Acadia’s programs offer many benefits, they also make it easy to feel isolated or forgottten. Undergraduates are often surprised to hear
Acadia even has graduate students, and we’re not surprised!

Sprinkled over a variety of programs, and hidden in a dispersed array of labs and offices, it’s easy for even graduate students to miss each other. As a group committed to furthering graduate student interests, however, it’s important that we get a good idea of who our fellow students are. In order to help us better serve the needs and desires of graduate students, we want to hear from you! We’ve written up asurvey and hope you will take a few minutes to participate! Not only does participating get you a chance to win a $20 gift card donated by Paddy’s Pub in Wolfville, but it will also really help us understand and advocate for what’s important to you!

Complete our survey at the link below:

Meeting Minutes Nov 19, 2013


  • Survey sent to ethics – hereby exempt
  • Kaycees hours tomorrow
  • Letter brainstorm/building for fundraiser; including developing a definition of exactly what AGSA is, and our goal for the conference
  • Survey update
  • Stats from Theresa
  • Festivus
  • Budget Allocation (annual) rough estimate (move to next week)


This is not an interview
Rebecca and Ian and Emily

Isolation is a main concern – from Rebecca

Action Items:

  1. Agenda building through Dropbox throughout the week
  2. Meetings
  3. Ian is willing to step up and make us a website
  4. Marta talks about Survey
    • Stats distributed from Theresa
    • Ethics is exempt
    • Marta to pick up giftcard for survey
    • Use of survey monkey
  5. Festivus
    • light festivus theming
    • ugly sweaters
    • curling club is too expensive: $40 a sheet per hour + additional charge to rent the kitchen upstairs/room for the party + $30 an hour
    • $95 to rent the U-Club + bartending fees
    • Curling club is booked the weekend we want it to happen. Maybe in 2014
    • 1:30 – 3:15 PM Grad students going skating
    • Rent the U-club
    • Throw out the Potluck as an option
    • Booking the U-club for 7-10 throw out the option to all go for dinner in between at Paddys
    • The Axe is a fallback – in case the U-club is booked
    • Need to make a poster for advertisement in the U-Club
    • Send email to kaycee to book with the online form
    • Lets a make a poster for the departments deliver to grad students
  6. Fundraiser
    • Emily is friends with the advertiser/register
    • Ian talking about Harvest Wines: they do tasteings, at $10 a ticket
    • 10-15 different wines, personel to staff the bpooths, all stemwares, tastin notes, and any orders 10% they will define a theme
    • 60 dollars
    • booth for flower shop
    • photo booth
    • Doors open at 5:30 – event from 6-9 PM
    • Assignments
      • Venue – Ian/Lyndsay
      • Vendors – Ian/Josh/Lyndsay
      • Sponsors for Silent Auction – Leave until after Jan. 15
      • Decorations = Lyndsay/Emily
      • Food = Lyndsay/
      • Formal communication – sponsorship letter and executive summary of event = Rebecca/Mark/Lyndsay
      • Liquor license = Lyndsay/Kaycee
      • Advertising – Marta/Emily
      • Poster = Ian and his buddies
      • Event pamphlet = Ian
      • Ticket sales – Marta
      • Photo Booth = Emily
    • Deadline for Jan. 15
    • Beer, Wine and Cheese = Greatest Valentines Day Ever?
    • In Vino Veritas? (“In wine there is truth”)